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Master essential bra fitting skills and customer service fundamentals for retail excellence.

What's Included

  • An industry overview highlighting the specialization of bra fitting.

  • Training on understanding the intimacy and challenges of the bra fitting environment.

  • Detailed instruction on the 5 Key Points of all bra fittings.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the 22 Fit Points of underwire bras.

  • Techniques like "Stoop, Scoop, Swoop & Jiggle" for proper bra fitting.

  • Insights into differences in breasts and body proportioning.

  • Guidance on navigating various factors that affect bra fitting beyond just bras and bodies.

  • Education on identifying different bra styles and their features.

  • Information on inventory cycles within the lingerie industry.

  • Lessons on bra sizing, including bands and cups.

  • Methods for measuring for a bra accurately.

  • Strategies for explaining bra fitting to clients.

  • Approaches for fitting a new client effectively.

  • Live fitting demonstrations with models of different sizes.

  • Course materials include videos, a workbook, assignments, and a final exam to confirm competency and completion of the certification.

Bra Fitting Fundamentals teaches all the detailed fit points of bra fitting. Mannequins and live models are used for visual clarity and knowledge understanding.  Completion of course homework, assignments and final exam will result in a strong applicable foundation in the science and are of professional bra fitting. Your knowledge won’t just be theoretical it will be practical and applicable.

Course includes videos, workbook, assignments and final exam to confirm competency and completion of certification.

Course Sylabus

  • Esteem Bra Fitting Academy Intro (8:35)

  • Academy Membership Overview (4:34)

  • Let’s Talk About Breasts (12:57)

  • Intimate Business (8:15)

  • Five Key Points (13:46)

  • Fit Points 1-3 (14:14)

  •  Fit Points 4-6 (20:48)   (Preview Video)

  • Fit Points 7-10 (18:19)

  • Stoop, Scoop, Swoop & Jiggle (15:15)   (Preview Video)

  • Let’s Talk (some more) About Breasts… Baby!! (14:00)    (Preview Video) Mid Term Written Assignment (For Certificate Candidates ONLY)

  • Breast Positioning on Torso(5:55)

  • Body Proportioning (9:15)

  • Fit Points 11-13 (17:27)     (Preview Video)

  • Fit Points 14-15 (13:30)

  • Fit Points 16-18 (9:14)

  • Fit Points 19-20 (12:10)

  • Fit Points (8:10)

  • Styles of Bras (13:05)

  • The Elephants in the Change room (14:03)     (Preview Video)

  • Inventory Cycles (15:03)

  • Band & Cup Sizing (9:21)     (Preview Video)

  • Bra Fitting Process (15:12)

  • Live Fitting Basics (14:40)     (Preview Video)

  • Live Fitting Petites (2:58)

  • Live Fitting Underwires 1 (5:26)

  • Live Fitting 2 (4:10)

  • Final Exam – Written Assignment (For Certification Candidates ONLY)

  • Final Exam – Video  Assignment (For Certification Candidates ONLY)

Tier 1 Certification included in all 3 Membership Levels – Premier, Advanced & Fundamentals.

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