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Esteem Bra Fitting Business Academy
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: How long is a membership in the Academy good for?

A: All memberships in the Esteem Bra Fitting Business Academy are for one year (365 days) from the day of enrollment and payment.

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade to a different membership mid-year?

A:  Membership upgrades can be done on renewal or at any time in your membership year; however, there is no pro rata fee for mid-year upgrades.  You will simply pay the full difference between memberships.  All membership upgrades are paid as a lump sum payment at the time of upgrade.


For example:
If a business has paid a lump sum for the Fundamentals Membership and wishes to upgrade to the Advanced Membership halfway through their membership year – then they will be charged the $1000 USD difference for the upgrade – for the remaining 6 months of the membership year.

If a business is on the monthly payment plan ($125/month) for the Fundamentals Membership and wishes to upgrade to the Advanced Membership, then the business would have to pay the upgrade fee of $1000 as a lump sum at the time of upgrade, however the monthly payments will continue at the original level for the remainder of the year and the business will have access to higher level courses.
Memberships can only be downgraded to a lower membership bundle on renewal of the membership. As membership fees are non-refundable downgrading mid-year will not generate a refund of fees paid.



Q: Why can’t I just buy 1 course or one certification?

A: The primary goal of the Academy is develop professional bra & lingerie fitters; this is accomplished through continuous learning and growth by people who are passionate about their career choice. The memberships are designed to encourage fitters to learn, practice and apply their learning and then come back to the courses to dig deeper and learn more.


This can only happen if training and development is an ongoing process, not a onetime event.  The information and courses on the academy are dynamic and will be changing and growing over time inspired by the changes in industry and the requests of our members.


Q: Do I have to get certified, or can I just take the course?

A: Certification is an option on the academy not a requirement of membership.  Lingerie owners may use the materials to train any number of staff throughout the membership year, this means regardless of staff turnover, you can train new employees on your schedule without paying more for the training. 


The Certification process is designed to confirm and independently evaluate a fitter’s knowledge and application of learning. Having your staff complete the requirements to earn their certifications as Professional Bra Fitters can be used to distinguish your boutique and it’s fitting services from other stores and vendors. 


Q: How many certifications come with my membership?

A: The courses or Tiers in each membership come with 3 certification/year each. 


For example:
The Fundamentals Membership has Tier 1.  It comes with 3 certifications/year.
In comparison, the Premier Membership has 4 Tiers  - Tier 1 comes with 3 certifications/year, Tier 2 comes with 3 certifications/year & Tier 3 comes with 3 certifications/year. 


The certifications do not have to be used for the same people in a year.  While you may have an employee who is able to complete all three certifications in a single year, if you have a couple of staff members it is more likely to have different staff members taking different certifications during the course of the year.

Q: If I’m an experienced fitter can I start with Tier 3 Certification?

A: The Tiers have been designed to build a fitter’s technical knowledge and fitting experience step by step, hence the name Tiers. Certifications must be earned in order, Tier 1 Certificate is the prerequisite to earn a Tier 2 Certificate.  Tier 2 Certificate is the prerequisite to earn the Tier 3 Certificate. 


The only Tier that technically doesn’t have a pre-requisite is Tier 4 however we always recommend that owners, managers and inventory buyers take the courses to better understand and communicate with frontline fitters.


Q: If I have a staff member who is in the middle of completing their certification and my annual membership is expiring can they complete their certification?

A: All certifications must be completed prior to the end of the membership year, or the membership must be renewed for a student to continue to complete their certification.  Once a membership has expired and not renewed, students “in progress” will not be able to complete their certification.


Q: Why doesn’t Tier 4 have a certification program like the other Tiers?

A: Tier 4 has been designed as the place lingerie shop owners, managers and buyer can use the videos to further their knowledge, receive coaching and collaborate with other lingerie shop principals. 


Tier 4 has been designed to be more fluid in its offerings and how it will evolve.  Lingerie shop principals who are working in Tier 4 are there to learn, grow and develop as businesspeople, not necessarily to receive a certificate.   


Q: Do certifications have an expiry date?

A: Certification certificates have a date of issue however there is no expiry day.  However, we always encourage members to re-affirm their knowledge by visiting the academy courses to “sharpen the saw.”

If you haven't found the information you were seeking, please don't hesitate to contact us at We're here to assist you!"

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