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Academy Memberships

Explore Esteem Academy Memberships: Elevate your boutique with tailored training, connect with peers, and boost profitability. Start your success journey today.

Benefits of an Esteem Bra Fitting Academy Annual Membership

  • We take the weight of staff training off your already busy workload.

  • Annual membership provides your business 24/7 access to online training in industry specific skills, customer sales and service. 

  • Consistency in employee knowledge & development maintained regardless of staffing turnover.

  • An avenue to connect you with lingerie professionals who share a common passion.

  • Business coaches who understand the challenges of the lingerie boutique industry and who can help scale up your business.

Our Memberships

The Advanced Membership caters to boutiques ready to deepen their expertise. It includes foundational and specialty bra fitting courses, over 43 educational videos with live fittings, and essential sales and customer service techniques.


Perfect for enhancing staff knowledge and service quality, this membership drives customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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The Premier Membership is our most comprehensive offering, providing extensive bra fitting certifications, advanced business training, monthly coaching, and community access.


It's designed to equip boutique owners and staff with everything needed for growth and profitability.

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The Fundamentals Membership is the perfect starting point for boutiques focusing on the basics of bra fitting. It offers over 26 educational videos, live fittings, and customer service training, designed to transform beginners into skilled bra fitters.

Ideal for new staff or boutiques looking to solidify their foundation, this membership sets the stage for excellence in lingerie retail.

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